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YouTube Pulse

Founded in 1977, McWood Studios is a design and fabrication shop located in a state-of-the-art facility in Toronto, Ontario. Our studio creates scenery and sets for Film, Television, and Theatre; booths and displays for tradeshows; and custom millwork for museum and art exhibits. We collaborate with designers and architects to deliver unique projects to clients across Canada and the U.S.

Project YouTube Pulse at REBEL Entertainment Complex
Client Optimist Inc. YouTube
Designer Optimist Inc.
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This was an interactive event for Youtube and its’ influencers at the Rebel nightclub. We created several opportunities to snap the best selfie. Participants entered through the light tunnel, 10 ground supported steel frames with LED and aluminum extrusion. The Thrill Seeker is a bike in a perpetual wheelie. This is an example of a client’s request leading to some creative problem solving. The rear inner tube was replaced with a heavy gauge steel bent tube. It was welded to the frame and to a steel plate hidden beneath the scenic flooring. The pink room also gave us some creative license to build fun and durable props.