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Beaver Canoe/ Target

Founded in 1977, McWood Studios is a design and fabrication shop located in a state-of-the-art facility in Etobicoke, Ontario. Our studio creates scenery and sets for Film, Television, and Theatre; booths and displays for tradeshows; and custom millwork for museum and art exhibits. We collaborate with designers and architects to deliver unique projects to clients across Canada and the U.S.

Project Beaver Canoe / Target photo shoot
Rodney Smith
Design Rodney Smith
© McWood Studios

We built this for a Beaver Canoe/ Target print photoshoot. These images offer a simple example of design and concept development. The first piece of information is the client’s hand drawn sketch accompanied by a photo reference. The next step is our Sketchup render presented for approval. Last is the completed set at the photo studio. The wooden beams and window mullions are all scenically painted.